Mao Space (Hengshan Fang)
‘Mao Space Hengshan Fang’ locates on Tianping Road – a peaceful corner immersed in bustling downtown atmosphere. Its main focus is to promote artworks, such as sculpture, installation and painting etc.
We work in professional manners, yet view from academic angle, to discover emerging young artists and bolster the growth of their cutting-edge talents.

Mao Space (Jing’An Kerry Centre)
‘Mao Space Jing’An Kerry Centre’ situates on Anyi Road where cultural ad commercial prosperity permeates. Built under the same roof with ‘Mao Zedong’s residence during 1920 in Shanghai, its curational style inclines to pursue uniqueness and distinctiveness of ‘Art Projects’. We look forward to share opinions and co-operate with ambitious members from art community.

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