Yan Shilin
Art Works

Yan Shilin

China 1982—Present


2015      China West Film Studio International  2015 Art Festival, Ningxia, China
2015      Spring , Purple Roof Gallery, Shanghai, China
2015      New Sculptors 2015 from A Younger Generation, Hi Art Centre, Beijing, China
2014      Gorgeous Growth -Yan Shilin Sculpture Exhibition, Long Museum, Shanghai, China 
2014      Shanghai Jing'an International Sculpeure Project, Shanghai, China        
2014      18th Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China
2013      One Man One Castle, HI Art-Joy Art, Joy Art Space, Beijing, China 
2012      To The Other Side –Works of Yan Shilin, Line Gallery, Beijing , China
2011      Future Pass Collateral Event of the 54th Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy
2011      Unable Absence, Wenxuan Museum, Chengdu, China
2010      Sleepless Tonight–Works of Yan Shilin, Line Gallery, Beijing, China 
2009      Green Art Fair, China World Trade Center, Beijing, China
2009      Living elsewhere, DUN Gallery, Beijing, China 
2009      100 Tales in Anima mix–continuing exhibition, Linda Gallery, Indonesia
2009      Single child generation, Chongqing art festival, Chongqing, China 


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